• Every candidate is obliged to attend all the classes of every prescribed subject. The professor, at the time of evaluation of any subject, will take into account also the attendance at class of the candidate concerned.
    A candidate who has been absent for 50% or more of the classes in any subject, has to repeat that particular subject.
  • A candidate who has been absent for more than one third and less than 50% of the classes in a particular subject, loses the right to appear for the examination in the subject concerned, during that session.
    However, this is not applicable for the course on Audio-Visuals and Pastoral Ministry. Full attendance is required for the same.
  • All written assignments should be computer-printed. They are to be submitted to the professor together with the soft copy of the final draft.
  • During the B.Th.Course, the students are expected to submit a minimum of five written assignments (scientific papers) each in the courses of the first two years; and four assignments during the third year of Theology (besides the seminars and the final written dissertation). The length of the written assignments shall be from ten to fifteen pages.
  • For the B.Th.Course, two seminars have been prescribed, one each in Sacred Scripture and Systematic Theology. The seminar involves:
    • Attendance in all the sessions;
    • personal reading and study of the topic;
    • exposition (10-15 min.) and discussion in the group (10-15 min.) together with the professor;
    • presentation of a written paper (6-10 pages)
    • It is forbidden to submit the same assignment to fulfill the academic requirements of different courses.
    • The students are expected to follow the norms of scientific methodology taught in the college.