• To prepare teachers of Liturgy in major and minor seminaries
  • To prepare teachers of Liturgy in the formation houses of the religious
  • To prepare animators of Liturgy in the dioceses and parishes
  • To prepare animators of liturgy in the religious communities

It is a two-year course divided into six trimesters. The first trimester will be dedicated to the liturgical practice of various liturgical actions followed by an examination on the subject. This might be a revision of the seminary course; but it is necessary because in many seminaries this course is not done in its integrity. During the remaining 5 trimesters the students are required to complete a total of 72 credits, divided as follows:

Basic Courses 24 Credits
Courses of Specialization 20 Credits
Optional Courses 8 Credits
Supplementary Courses 8 Credits
Seminars 6 Credits
Practical Experience in Liturgical Animation 6 Credits
Final Thesis 12
Total 76

At the conclusion of the course every student is required to present a dissertation, comprising of a minimum of 100 pages and a maximum of 120 pages from general introduction to general conclusion, scientifically elaborated under the guidance of a professor approved by the Academic Council of Kristu Jyoti College. Participation of the college seminars during the two years of M.Th. is obligatory.


  • History of Liturgy (3)
  • Liturgy, a celebration in symbols (3)
  • Liturgy as a community building action (3)
  • Liturgyasministerialaction (3)
  • Liturgy of the Hours (3)
  • Liturgy of the Eucharist (3)
  • Liturgicalyear (3)
  • Theology of Christian worship (3)
  • Liturgical families (2)
  • Liturgical music (2)
  • Liturgicalparticipation (2)
  • Liturgicalprayer (2)
  • Liturgy as the proclamation of the Word (2)
  • Liturgicalspirituality (2)
  • Liturgy and populardevotion (2)
  • Sacraments of baptism and confirmation (2)
  • Sacraments of growth: holy Order and matrimony (2)
  • Sacrament of healing: reconciliation and anointing (2)
  • The eschatological dimension of liturgy (2)
  • Children'sliturgy (2)
  • Eucharisticprayer (2)
  • Liturgical books (2)
  • Liturgicalinculturation (2)
  • Liturgical law (2)
  • Liturgy: art and architecture (2)
  • Liturgy: celebration and communication (2)
  • Sacramentals of the Church (2)
  • Latin (3)
  • Methodology of scientificresearch (2)
  • Modern languages: (Italian/French/German) (2)
  • Liturgical Constitution of Vatican II and its impact (2)
  • Liturgicalinculturation in India (2)
  • Liturgy and catechetics (2)
  • Liturgy and evangelization (2)
  • Liturgy and socio-economic reality (2)
  • Role of the laity in the liturgy (2)

(Choose any two and homily, which is obligatory for all)

  • Animatingchildren'sliturgy (2)
  • Animatingparishliturgy (2)
  • Homily (2)
  • Liturgical Catechesis for various groups (2)
  • Organization of Lent and Holy Week Liturgies (2)
  • Preparation of commentaries for liturgical celebrations (2)
  • Preparations of liturgical celebrations for various occasions and groups (2)
  • Final Thesis (12 Credits)
  • Methodology of Scientific Work
  • Latin
  • Modern Language: Italian/German
  • This is a course consisting of 6 trimesters
  • The academic year is divided into three trimesters:
    • First Trimester: from the beginning of June to the end of August
    • Second Trimester: from the beginning of September to end of November
    • Third Trimester: from the beginning of December to the middle of March (with two weeks break during Christmas season).
  • Every candidate is obliged to attend all the classes of every prescribed subject.
  • There will be an evaluation of each subject dealt with during the course
  • The degree will be awarded only on the fulfillment of the above-mentioned conditions and after the successful defence of the final dissertation.
Admission to M.Th closes on 15th May. Application forms can be downloaded, kindly contact us for more information.